My gift

April 26, 2013

The below post was written right before I recently gave birth.

The road has been long. 10 months, but it feels like more.

I’ve never really enjoyed pregnancy too much. The final result leaves you in a state of awe but the ride is slow and arduous.

Truth be told, having a baby is simply incredible and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. You realize how amazing the human body really is when you grow a life. For me however, this wears a little thin after sharing your body for so long. Selfish I know, but honest.

But the wait is finally over and as I sit here in my hospital gown I become increasingly nervous and the whole situation feels strangely disembodied.

It’s now that I realize the enormity of the whole pregnant journey, "I’m having another baby". It means that my family will go from 3 to 4 and I'm finding it a little hard to get my head around.

I know that sounds weird, its not like I didn't know this was happening, derrrr, but sometimes it's still hard to fatham what the other side will look like.

There's a good chance this will be my last pregnancy and I wanted to remember how it felt. So last night I left my camera next to my bed and from the moment I woke up this morning I started to document the day we went from 3 to 4. Shaun wasn’t that impressed, sometimes he struggles that everything for me becomes a photography project.

So my friends I must go, the trolley is here to pick me up. Wish me luck.

As this post goes to air I am now the proud mother of Ivy Rose Mills, 16 days old and the most beautiful little girl ever. I still can't believe I had a little girl!!

All my concerns and worries have faded away and the long drawn out pregnancy has already been forgotten.

I should have remembered this from last time, the love of your own child far outways anything.


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