April 29, 2014

Through my entire endeavour of becoming a photographer I've constantly asked myself  "do I really have the creativity it takes?"

Ask any creative, we are toughest critic and our work is never good enough.

But awhile ago I read this quote which said "Trust in your work", it's been in my head ever since. Every shoot when I think I might not be getting what I need, I remember this and it put's me at ease.  

Most of the time I overthink things. I forget about all the reasons why I love taking pictures and instead replace it with "is this right, is it good enough, will people like this?".

In this shoot, none of that was going through my mind. I was just having fun and there were no expectations and as a result the process became truly creative and I love what I have come up with.

So to anyone reading this that wants to be creative but doesn't think they have what it takes, ignore that inner voice. Go out there, have some fun, trust in your work and magic will happen. 

A huge thanks to Taliah for helping me make this happen xxx

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