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July 22, 2014

Awhile back I posted a blog Trust in your work. I got such an amazing response. Everybody seemed to love the images but if anything, I think my words struck a chord. I was pretty chuffed about this, I find writing incredibly hard so it's nice when people get what I'm trying to say.

The response really inspired me and I decided to make a series continuing on from the first shoot of the girl in the water. I've named it, The Elements. Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

My aim is to photograph a portrait that embodies each element.

I've given myself some guidelines:

  • to photograph a person not a model
  • to make one strong portrait within each series
  • to try and make something that appears in each image
  • to have fun and experiment

The next one up is earth.

To be honest I’m not sure I succeeded in communicating the element but I’m still happy with the final result. Earth was hard! Trying to find a way in which my subject could be at one with earth was difficult. I kept coming back to ideas of burying my subject but didn’t want my subject to always have to lay down, so I ditched the idea.

Finally I decided to shoot at the edge of a coal mine. I thought, what better way then for my subject to be in a place where digging into the earth was done 24/7. Unfortunately a quarter of our way into the session we had to hightail it out of there. I didn’t exactly get permission and although I’m somewhat a dare devil at times, my goody two shoes mentality kicked in and we ran, fast, very fast!!!

I finished the shoot in a pine plantation which lends more to the element of nature than earth, but I’d prepared for so long, I didn't wan't to stop.

Alahnah was my subject. I will tell you, she does do some part time modelling, but I didn’t know that until later. She is such a sweety. Would you believe I later found out I went to school with her dad. Small world!

P.s. I made her outfit

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