Any burning questions? Below should help. 

Where are you based? I am currently on my way back to Perth after living in New Zealand for the last three years. I will continue to shoot in both Australia and New Zealand.

What do we receive? You will receive a collection of images anywhere from 450-1000 images (depending on the time I shoot for), edited by me with a combination of colour and black and white. These images are presented in an online gallery which you can share with your family and friends along with ordering prints which are professionally printed in my studio. You will then receive a package which includes a wedding gift and your USB of all images for you to print and share as much as you like.

What gear do you use? I’m a Canon girl. I shoot with 2 Canon professional bodies and lenses. I’m mainly a natural light shooter so you won’t see me use my flash until I absolutely have to.

Do you have a second shooter? My top collection includes a second shooter, otherwise you can add one onto your collection for $400 per day.

Do you offer albums? YES! I offer beautiful Fine Art albums which are absolutely kick arse. I encourage my clients to buy one as they are such a beautiful keep sake. What’s the point of having beautiful images if no-one can see them. Plus nothing will tell the story of your day better than an album.


How do we book?  Once you have decided on a date and you will pay a retainer that will secure your day. The remaining amount is divided up into two equal payments paid, six months and a one month before the wedding.

We are getting married overseas. Howe much does it cost for you to travel? Good question. I love traveling and have been lucky enough to shoot some amazing weddings in some amazing locations. Bali, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. To continue traveling I try and keep my costs as economical as possible but they usual entail the return flights and a couple of nights accommodation. However in saying that, if it’s a great location, I’ve been known to be very generous.

Can you help us with our timeline? Absolutely. We will talk in length about what you have planned and work around using the good light. Ideally shooting your portrait session an hour before the sun sets will give you spectacular light, but sometimes that’s not always possible, but there are ways to work around it. Either way, know that I will create a rough schedule for you to work from and as your date gets closer, we can refine it.

Do we need to feed you? Yes please! It's a busy day so by the end of it I can get pretty hangry so any food is greatly appreciated.

There are so many photographers, who should we choose? My advice is go with your gut. Take a good look through the portfolios of the photographers you like and see which one speaks to you the most. In addition see if you can meet them or organise a Skype call so you can get an idea of their personality. We are with you all day, so trust me when I say you want to like them, it’s even better if they feel like a friend.