Along with being passionate and curious, I’m a people person. I love people, always have and always will.

I’m the mother of my amazing Sonny and Ivy. Being a mother has taught me so much, it’s my best role yet.

I have no formal higher education, travelling the world has been my greatest teacher.

I love to cook, I’m in love with food. I take great pride in what I cook and especially what I feed my children. My cooking is another way to show love to the people around me.

I find the humanity equally fascinating and frustrating. I care deeply about our planet and how we treat it.

I love going for coffee. When I lived in Italy I realised that it wasn’t just something I liked doing, it is in my DNA.

I love cities they fascinate me.


“There is so much of life going on underneath a wedding day and that’s where my heart truly explodes”.


My Why

I wish I had this cool story about how I became a wedding photographer but I don’t. My journey to becoming a photographer was an unconscious one. I spent many years in jobs that had a creative element to them. Working in some massive publishing companies in London for magazines like Elle and Cosmo to working as a Production Manager at the BBC. I really thought TV was my thing but after moving back to Australia after 7 years in London I had an awesome opportunity to work in Online Marketing Agency where I spent the next 5 years being skilled in the online world.

Bubbling up on the inside was an interest in photography and while I worked full time I studied Photography part time. Not long after I got married and as I looked for my own wedding photographer I uncovered a world of photography I’d never really thought about, in particular I discovered the work of my own Wedding Photographer Samm Blake. Her images blew me away and after my own wedding I ended up second shooting for her. I’ve never forgotten my first wedding with her, I loved it, like seriously loved it.

The next day it was all I could think about and it came as such a surprise. Even though I have always been interested in the world of photography I had no idea I would love weddings as much as I did. And you know what, I love them now, just as much as I loved that first wedding.

Now that I reflect on the why, I still can’t put my finger on exactly why I love them so much but I guess it’s a just combination of the things that I hold dear to me. Family, people, love (as cheesy as that sounds), marriage, the love of a family, the quirkiness of families, even the sadness of some families. It intrigues me and I feel like my life is richer because I get the opportunity of insight into so many different lives. Weddings are almost like a study of humanity, on the surface weddings may seem like a day made of pretty things but they are so much more.

Watching the interactions between two people that have decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Their love and journey that has led them to this day, where they stand up and tell their nearest and dearest, this who I will spend my days with. As someone that is married and now has a family I know what’s ahead of them and it’s such a beautiful journey.

But it’s not just about the couple, it’s about the mothers and fathers whose children are now creating their own families. Its about the grandparents that have lived to see the day that their children’s children are starting their own family. There is so much of life going on underneath a wedding day and that’s where my heart truly explodes.