Claudia + Simon | The Wine Store | East Fremantle

May 28, 2014

There are some people in life you really like even without knowing them. 

When Claudia and Simon walked into my studio I felt something instantly. Claudia had this beautiful warm personality and Simon had this cheeky cool muso thing going on. They complimented each other so nicely.

On their wedding day it was so lovely to watch them. How two different personalities mesh together and make such a beautiful combination.

It taught me something.

We all have different personalities, comfort zones, ways of doing things.

On our location shoot Claudia, laughed, a lot. She looked into the camera and showed her true self. Perhaps this comes from her Spanish heritage in which she is surrounded by many family members (her mum is one of nine!). I think having loads of love around you always makes you feel confident.

Simon on the other hand was a little shy. But later in the day, when he got up to sing to Claudia, I realised this is where Simon shines. He was like a different person, but that’s because he felt right at home up there on that stage.

Everyones ‘home’ is different. This is important for me to remember when I’m sticking a camera in peoples faces.

Thanks Claudia and Simon, I truly loved your wedding, it was a joy to witness. 

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