August 31, 2016

So happy to share this amazing Bali destination wedding.

I met Cassi in 2012 when we did a photography workshop together, she is also a wedding photographer. Coincidentally she had just met Anthony and even though I didn't know her well I knew a glow when I saw one. She was smitten.

Fast forward three years later and I get an email asking me if I was interested in shooting their destination wedding in Bali. I was like "destination wedding Bali, me, really, hell yes". So finally a year later off I went to Bali.

Cassi and Anthony booked out the Khayangan Estate in Uluwatu and holy crap was it good. The place was like heaven with all the trimmings but you know what, that wasn't the best bit, it was the people.

I was gob smacked at how many friends and family they had managed to get to Bali. There was like a 100 people there and they had to be the coolest people around and honestly, that's not just me being nice. Everyone was so welcoming and lovely to Jenna (my wingman) and I.

By the end of the night we joined them on the dance floor with champagne in hand and carved up the dance floor. We officially finished 10pm but we couldn't leave, there was way too many shenanigans going on and we didn't to miss a beat. We dragged our weary, slightly drunk (ok maybe a little more than slightly), sweaty bodies back to our villa at 1am.

A huge thank you to Cassi and Anthony. I can't get to these wonderful places and shoot these amazing weddings if couples don't believe in me, so thank you. And thanks to my awesome mate Jenna (Jenna Mason Photographer), you were the icing on the cake.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali | Venue: Khayangan Estate | Co-ordinator/Stylist: Lynley Marston

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