September 29, 2016

There is nothing better than rocking up to a wedding where the chosen decorations, styling, whatever you want to call it speaks volumes about the couple and who they are as people.

These days, there is endless inspiration and help for styling and the DYI of weddings. Some brides love the idea of DIY and really get it into it, but if you're not that kind of person a helping hand might be a great place to start.

So I thought I would ask my good friend and neighbour, awesome wedding extraordinaire Alesiha McNeice the Creative Director from Lucy Chase to give us an insight on what she does, why and what couples should keep in mind for their wedding day.

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business? 

I’m Aleisha McNiece and grew up in rural Hawkes Bay and spent the month of September manning a road-side stall selling daffodils. After receiving a honours degree in design I set off overseas. Melbourne soon became home, and I landed head first in the world of events and found my true passion in the wedding industry.  After developing my personal project in the form of of my blog The Lucy Chase Project I landed my dream job as a wedding planner and stylist for Australia's leading event company Georgeous. I worked with Australia’s elite and was exposed to an incredible industry and network of people.

In the early summer of 2015, The Lucy Chase Project did a little growing up and I became Lucy Chase and decided to move back to NZ and set up camp in Hawkes Bay.

Lucy Chase offers a thoughtfully considered and curated approach to design and hire for weddings and gatherings.  I've designed my business with the new generation in mind. I love a good skype date and have experience working with clients based overseas and afar.

And, the adventure begins…

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Why weddings?

It was always weddings. Not really entirely sure why. I am not a particular girly girl but something about weddings gets me VERY excited. I think the couple are who makes me love weddings and my job so much. I love the realness and emotion of what we do. I do not take it lightly.

New Zealand Wedding

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

What do you love about what you do?

I honestly think we have the happiest company. I love the genuine people we meet and there is nothing quite like having clients who are excited newly-weds. I totally get it and it is such a happy time of peoples lives. I love we get to share in that.

Besides decoration, what purpose do you think wedding styling serves at a wedding?

I tend to hate the term styling and stylist. I just think it sounds a little too fancy. I am pretty simple in the sense of a stylist and have a minimal, considered and curated approach to design.

The overall look and feel of your wedding is the opportunity to share your own personal taste and style. I totally understand everyone has different priorities and some people just don’t notice or care for the details but every wedding has some aesthetic in the sense.

I have a favourite Joy Thigpen quote which I love..

"A well composed wedding should be like a movie but better because it can engage all your senses. There should be sections that rise and build, sections that let you wander...climaxes, and rest. It should be a feast for your eyes, ears, nose, tastebuds, body, and soul. It's more than just "decorating" or picking out chairs and linens and flowers (though those are all part of the equation). Every element is deliberate. Every line, shape, texture, color, sound is intentional and contributing to the moment."

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

What do you want think is the most important thing couples should know about wedding styling?

There are no rules. It needs to feel like your own wedding much like your house and the interior styling or your wardrobe needs to feel like your own. It is not about spending money or allocating huge portions of budget, keep it simple and do it well.

Try not to listen to too many opinions or look too much at Pinterest. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Forget setting benchmarks or impressing. Your day, your way.

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

Wedding Styling, New Zealand Wedding, Lucy Chase

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