September 19, 2017

Let's talk about your wedding day. I don’t know what number wedding I’m up to, but I walk away from every one of them dissecting them in the ‘how much fun was that’ scale. I’m always thinking about what worked, what didn't and why.

I was married almost 8 years ago and back then there wasn’t half as much information out there. Sure there was wedding blogs and the like, but not on the current scale, there is a tonne of stuff. If I was a bride these days I’d feel suffocated under the weight of choice.

So if you're not sure where to start, I’ve written down a few things to think about. I’m no expert and this isn't one of those 10 ways to do blah blah blah, I f**** hate those posts. This is simply a few things I have noted over the years. And don’t expect any grand secrets either, this stuff is basic but it's stuff that does make a difference.

The space. I think the best way to think of a venue is not what it looks like (of course that does help) but more about the feeling it gives. Let’s take a function centre or a ballroom, they don’t exactly give a warm and intimate feeling, right? But then you look at a cute town hall decorated smartly and now you're talking intimate.

When you're thinking about the venue think about what kind of vibe you're trying to foster. Do you want it to feel warm and intimate? Or perhaps you want a natural atmosphere where the stars become the ceiling, like your parent's tennis court in their backyard. Work out the vibe you want and then find the venue that will help you achieve that, not the other way around.

10 trips on creating a great wedding
Lauren and Tim held their reception in the prettiest town hall you ever did see. They arranged long tables with foliage down the centre, gold cutlery and festoon lighting. The hall had the most beautiful light, so it the best feel.


Think of it as a party. You don’t have to think of it as a wedding. I think if you take the word wedding out it frees your thinking. Weddings have all these connotations that you have to do things a certain way and you don’t. Think of it in a different light and the wedding shackles will be lifted and you will probably be more inclined to make decisions based on what you really want and not what makes a good wedding.

Choosing a celebrant. I'll be honest, I've seen some great ones and some not so great ones. Celebrants set the vibe of your whole ceremony so make sure you know who you are working with. Choose someone in which your personalities gel and arrange a ceremony you're happy with.

Inject your personality. This a big one. Make sure you and your partner sit down and work out what’s important to you both for your day. If you figure this out, then your wedding day will reflect your personalities and guests will go nuts because it will be you guys all over.

10 tips on creating a great wedding
Maca and Rollo created a wedding that had their names all over it. Maca wore a rust colour dress because she knew white was just not her thing. They held their intimate reception at Rollo's dads bach next to the ocean. Maca is Chilean so she organised this awesome Cuban band to play throughout the reception. It was them to a tee.


Music. It goes without saying that music sets a vibe especially at a reception. If you're looking to get guests on the dance floor nothing can do that as well as live music. You could make the best playlist up in the world, but it doesn't hold a candle to live music.

10 tips on creating a great wedding
Gina and Brad hired the amazing White Chappel Jak band. It took all of 30 minutes before the guests were using the tent poles as part of their dance routine. Everyone went nuts.


The Food. I think it goes without saying that good food is important but I’ve come to realise that doesn’t mean a 5-course 5-star meal. One of the best weddings I’ve been too had a guy with a travelling bbq. The food was served in one area and everyone took up their plates to be served. The food was out of this world and people could go back for seconds if they liked. Once upon a time, I would have turned my nose up at that (have I told you how much I LOVE food), but honestly, it was amazing. My point here is quality doesn’t always mean 5 star.

10 tips on creating a great wedding
Platters of amazing home cooked food, where guests could help themselves.


Write your own vows. There is nothing more personal than writing your own vows. I think the days of reading something stiff and generic are out, the wedding is about you guys so why not personalise it with what you want to say to each other. I can’t recommend this enough.

10 tips on creating a great wedding
These two almost had everyone in tears with their vowels. They had none of that prewritten crap, it was meaningful and straight from the heart.


Choose your MC wisely. Listen up, this one’s pretty simple, an MC can make or break a wedding. You’re looking for someone that knows you both well and can speak off the cuff and has great wit. And even if you’re not having a formal wedding, it’s still great to have someone that lets guests know what’s going on. An MC sets the mood so it’s vital to have a good one.

There are no rules. Lastly, there are no rules to a wedding day, so do what the hell you want. The only thing set in stone is the part where you say 'I do' everything else is up for grabs. So don't be scared, create a day that you really want to enjoy and it will be a success.

That's it, folks. Anyone have any other things to add, feel free to comment away.




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