March 8, 2019

Sam and Mitch got married out the back of beyond (Mornington Springs Wedding Venue) on Saturday. The only way to describe it was one freaking joyous occasion.

People often ask me if I have a favorite type of wedding. The type I love is when the couple marrying haven’t forgotten what it’s all about. They’ve not got caught up in all the details and have these ridiculous expectations. The couples that create a great space for their family and friends to witness and party alongside of them. This was one of those weddings.

Sam and Mitch, thank you. You reminded me why I love doing this job. I bloody loved watching you two throughout the day and was blown away by your giant kick arse crew that surrounds you both. As cheesy as it sounds I could honestly feel the love oozing out around you and that’s a testament to the people you are and is such an amazing thing to have on your journey through life.

Congrats guys.

Dress: Grace Loves Lace | Make Up: Kellie Howes | Hair: Luxe Studio | Venue: Mornington Springs | Stylist: Amber Jasper Stylist | Videographer: Daisy Clover Films | Catering: Laundry 43 Catering Line


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