A killer backyard wedding anyone?

I remember talking to Erin about the details of walking down the isle, where Tom would be positioned, how to know the guests were ready and so on. This is generally a pretty important element of a wedding day. I was mid way through my sentence when I looked at Erin and she had this confused look on her face "I just thought I was going to walk down the isle". She had honestly not thought about it at all and that's was what I loved.

She had thought about plenty of other details, like providing an environment where everyone was comfortable, chilled, fed great food and a place where two families (one from the other side of the world) could connect and get to know each other. All the important stuff a wedding should be made up of.

Erin and Tom got married in their backyard and it was sick! They decorated it with so many cute details and it was topped off by this gorgeous afternoon light. For their reception they organised a combi van to take their guests down to their local, a place that already held so many memories. I adored this wedding and I'm crossing my fingers I get to do more like this.

Wedding Dress: Anna Sui for BHLDN | Make up + Hair: Circles Subiaco and Beyond Being | Florals: Brides mum | Grooms Suit: J Crew | Venue: Swallow Bar | Furniture Hire: Little Love Story | Transport: Kool Kombis

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