I often ask myself if I got married again would I do differently.

The answer is yes. Not because I didn’t love it, simply because I know way more now.

I was married in 2009 and I had no clue about weddings. I wasn’t in the industry and my only guides were wedding blogs and traditional wedding magazines (there was no Hello May back then!) that were still pushing chair bows. Sadly I listened.

Now things have changed, weddings have changed. Now there is a plethora of options and I’m not just talking about the way a wedding looks, I’m talking about how it feels and what's included. I find many couples are not afraid to kick off the shackles of tradition and replace it with their spin on what tradition is for them. I encourage you to do the same. Why, because you can and you should.

Weddings will always have their traditions, but if these don't align with how you are as a couple don't be afraid to change them to suit you. Remember everything outside of the ceremony (the legal part) is in your hands. This could mean you decide to get ready together. Imagine having breakfast that morning or watching each other get dressed in your snazzy outfits, priceless. You may decide a white wedding dress isn’t for you, great, bring on the colour. Or what about writing your own vowels? This has to be ones of the best ideas ever. Or replacing the cake with a piñata. Um hello, BEST EVER!

Whatever you choose I always tell my couples, sit down, have a chat and work out what it is that you both love and what suits your personalities. Your wedding should be a reflection of you both and if that means something completely outside the square, that’s ok.

So lose the idea of what you think a wedding should be and create a day that you know you will both love and that says everything and more about who you are. Everyone will go bananas!