This amazing Wellington wedding knocked my socks off.

Sometimes you meet people and they make such an impression. Hannah and David were two of these people. They had that presence about them, that calm, kind presence that people love to be around because you feel safe. I truly fell in love with both of them.

Their wedding day was held in a public park in Newtown, a the colourful suburb of Wellington. I wasn’t sure what a wedding in a public park was going to be like, but it was nothing short of awesome.

From the outset the day was so relaxed. Even when I rocked up at Hannah's house the flower prettiness for the day were still being created but not a stress in site and that didn’t change. Even with the entire park almost filled with guests Hannah and David just enjoyed the day laughing and chatting.

After the ceremony finished guests were given a picnic box and blanket filled with home made goodness for them to share. It was so cool. Everyone just sat around and ate and enjoyed each others company. There was no stress about meals being served, timings, cake cutting, everyone was simply enjoying the moment.

Later into the afternoon the gaelic dancing started and I’m pretty certain there wasn’t a guest who didn’t carve up that dance floor.

This was one of my favourite weddings to be a part of. I had the freedom to roam and document until my heart was content which is what I love the most.

Thanks Hannah and David for allowing me to experience another version of what a wedding can be.

A huge thanks to Sarah Mevoy for being my wingman.