When you receive an enquiry which includes details such as "on top of a peak, getting ready together and wearing black" things get a little exciting. Danni and Dean decided that an intimate Hawkes Bay wedding on Te Mata Peak, was exactly what they wanted.

The day was so relaxed. They slowly got ready together in their own home surrounded by all their own things including their ever so cute French bull dog Archie. Danni surprised Dean with a old blue chevy to take them to Te Mata peak. What a car! The engine makes a constant deep rumble, you can hardly hear yourself think, but strangely, it only added to the enjoyment.

After the most intimate ceremony I've ever witnessed we just hung out on Te Mata peak taking photos and having a ball. Dean owns a bike shop so is very fond of mountain biking. He was like a kid in a candy store showing me all his spots.

Best part of this day was hanging out with Dean and Danni. They are such wonderful people, so warm and inviting and just unbelievably chilled.

I get so passionate about weddings like this. Ones where you know the couple haven't done anything they think they should do, they have worked it around them and what they love.

Dress: Juliette Hogan | Shoes: Kurt Geiger | Make Up: Cushla Bower | Ceremony: Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay | Reception: Elephant Hill