You probably don't know this but in the photography world we wedding photographers generally do a blog post or something similar that shows a collection of our images shot throughout the year, so I thought I'd put together something for my 2016 in review.

My business has been officially running for four years now and each year that ticked by I would watch my heroes post a link to their amazing collection of images taken the year gone by. Each year I would think about it, but never really had the guts to do it, I didn't feel my images were worthy (not fishing here) to do any kind of summary. As a, dare I say, artist, my images still aren't where I want them to be, but I've realised that's ok. They are what I have right now, I'm proud of them and I need to celebrate along the way.

So here's a collection of both my wedding work and personal work. Most of my personal work is of my children so be prepared to see a little nakedness.

To all my couples who have shared your day with me, THANK YOU. Without you I've got nothing, nada, zilch.

To everyone that comments, likes and shares my work THANK YOU. I may not get to comment back to everyone but I really appreciate it and you encourage me to keep going when sometimes I just can't be arsed.

Wishing you a fabulous 2017.

xxxP.S. Please WATCH the movie in HD 1080 (bottom right corner of video), it's way better that way.