Another cracking Hawkes Bay wedding. This is Maggie and Tom and they were married at Millar Road Winery.

I remember getting the call from Tom asking me if I was available. I already had a wedding the day before so I was reluctant to take on another but he was so excited that I was available and I just couldn't resist his enthusiasm.

We finally met at a bar and that was it, I was in love. Some couples just have this thing about them and these two had it in bucket loads.

Their story was intriguing. Maggie and Tom are both Polish. Maggie was already living in New Zealand and had gone back to Poland for a holiday when she met Tom. He had his business and life in Poland but it didn't take long before he sold everything and boarded plane. Isn't it funny, Maggie went half way around the world only to end up finding her match back where she started.