Getting ready on your wedding day is one of the best parts of the day. I’ve seen it all and it’s different every time.

There’s the usual stuff, the hair, the make up, shoving down something to eat as they take a sip of champagne and realise they haven’t eaten all day.

Generally there are family and friends milling around. Sometimes it's calm and things are running like clockwork and other times it's frantic.

Or sometimes it’s just two people, quietly getting ready together because they're eloping and that’s how they wanted it, just them.

Whatever it is, it's always honest, raw and my favourite part of the day.

I get such a kick watching the beginnings of a wedding day unfold. People are distracted and it means I get free range to roam and document whatever is unfolding.  The in between stuff, the images you probably don’t think are that important, but can really fill in the holes of a story.

So if there is anyone out there in doubt of the value of these type of images, I say think again, they are well worth it.

Here’s some of my favs.