A blush wedding gown, lots of Europeans and one beautiful couple.

Ever seen my big fat greek wedding, well this is the Italian/Macedonian version except a whole better looking.

Bria is my cousin, obviously our history goes way back. Like way back when I told her and Kate (another cousin) that if they chopped of their barbies hair it would grow back. What are big cousins for right?

It was such a cool wedding. It was held in the courtyard at Lamonts under the stars and beneath the landscape of city skyline, it was incredibly pretty and felt so snug.

Bria and Ivan known by our family as The Shoes (because they come in a pair and go everywhere together) had the best day. Once the speeches finished the Macedonian dancing started and guests were tearing up the dance floor. You should have seen Ivan's Baba (Macedonian for Grandmother), she was twisting that red little hanky like no ones business.

Looking back on the images now I realise this is just another story that I get to share with a family member. Years down the track Bria and I will talk about her wedding and how I spent the day with her. Just like we will talk about how as neighbours I use to scream out my side window “can I borrow some sugar”.

Stories. Just layers and layers of stories.

Brides Dress: Designs by Sina | Bridesmaids Dress: One Fell Swoop | Hair: Penny and Peach | Makeup: Phoebe Litima | Venue: Lamonts, Perth | Invitations: Stitch Press