Say what, a Spanish inspired wedding?

Nothing excites me more when I come across a couple that want to get married their way. Not the way that society or their parents say they should, the way that is a true reflection of who they are and how they want to spend one of the most monumental days of their lives.

I remember in one of our first meetings Yara said " I don't I want a cake, I was thinking we would have a piñata instead". Normally I would have broke out into my happy dance, but a crowded restaurant wasn't really the place.

Yara and Aaron hit it out of the ballpark. Their Spanish inspired street party wedding was AWESOME, all capital letters! From the amazing space they created along the river to get married all the way to the stand up reception (serving amazing Spanish Tapas) at one of Fremantle's new and upcoming bar Distribution Lane, with an 9 piece Cubin band, was sensational. The day had such a relaxed vibe and as a result Yara and Aaron let their hair down and partied with their family like it was 1999.

I'm a big believer that weddings can be what you want them to be and I hope I get many more like this.