My collections start at $3500 for 6 hours and go up from there.

All collections include:

- help with your schedule for the day to ensure you will get that great light
- a location scout for some kick arse portraits,
- all images edited with loads of love on a USB
- A password protected online gallery to share with all the fam and friends (they can even order online prints which will be delivered directly to their doorstep)
- a sneak peak the following week

Right now that's out of the way, let's talk about things that a price tag doesn't always say.

Along with the list above you also get ME.

Someone that has shot weddings for 8 years, who loves people, will make you feel comfortable and guaranteed to have a laugh.

With me, all you need to do on the day is be present and I'll do the rest. I'll have your back.

Where are you based?
Perth, Western Australia. But for the last three years I have been based in New Zealand. So I skip between the two. But I will happily go anywhere.
What gear do you use?
I’m a Canon girl. I shoot with 2 Canon professional bodies and lenses. I’m mainly a natural light shooter so you won’t see me use my flash until I absolutely have to.
Do we need a second shooter?
I shoot 99% of my weddings on my own so I am well versed in being in two places at once. But if you want a second pair of eyes to make sure nothing gets past me a second shooter is $400 for up to 7 hours.
Do we need a timeline?
I don't know about you but I hate schedules however... on a wedding day it's good to have something to by. It's a busy day so it's good if everyone knows whats going on and when. Plus it ensures you're not rushing out the door half dressed or missing any of the good light. And I can totally help you with one.
Do you offer wedding albums?
Sure freaking do. I offer Wedding books which are glorious. You can read more above.
We are getting married overseas, you keen? Will you charge me the earth?
F**k yes. I love to travel. Cost wise, I try to make them as economical as possible by quoting them on a case by case basis. At the time of inquiry I check the costs and will get back to you with a rough estimate. Also I hold an Italian passport which allows me to work anywhere in the EU.
I will be dying to see my images, how long will it take?
I purposely decided not to be a wedding factory so I take on a limited amount of weddings each year. This way it's less likely for me to fall behind in busy season so I generally take 5-6 weeks.


November 2018 - New Zealand

March 2019 - Brisbane

March/April 2019 - New Zealand

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