Do it your way. Do it freaking awesome.

You’re looking for more of a celebration, less of a wedding. You want to add your own twist to events, your own colour and personality. You want every moment to be bursting with your story, laughter and your love. You’re not after traditional. You want to do it your way. Whether that ’s just the two of you at mountain retreat , your nearest and dearest having a forest party under the stars or kicking up the dust at a backyard BBQ.

The real stuff, the raw unscripted moments...those will be the ones you'll want to remember.

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Don’t think just book her. That’s what we did and the outcome was amazing. She was almost invisible during the wedding and doesn’t eat much. :)


Hey Melissa, you may not remember me, I was one of Sam's groomsman in Gizzy a few weeks back.Livvy has just shared a few of your photos from the Monsoon Wedding. Holy Fuck. You legend. They are amazing. Front cover of Vogue kinda shit. It's so nice for Livvy to see that even though it was raining, it still was the best wedding in the world. So, thank you.
Henry H


Melissa is a stunning photographer and all-round lovely person! She sees things others don't - her images are so beautifully framed, she captures the small smile between friends, the detail of an outfit, the guy doing one armed press ups on the dance floor... All the small moments come together to create a warm, fun and natural documentary of your day. Hire her - you will not regret it!