per quell il mondo e bello perche e differente il mente

my nonna always use to say, “thats why the world is beautiful because all minds see differently”


My name is Melissa but no one really calls me that. It’s Missy, Smudge or Millsy. Take your pick.

When you meet me, I’ll feel like an old friend, because hand on heart people are my thing.

I’m passionate about my family and looking after them. My other loves are food, travel and music. These three things excite me like nothing else. I’m incredibly empathetic along with ridiculously curious and I’m starting to realise just how well these traits are suited to a job like photography.

I’ve worked in television. I’ve worked in advertising. I’ve run seaside restaurants and fashion magazines. I’ve lived and worked in extraordinary places – on yachts in the south of France, in the hustle and bustle of London and the majestic wilderness of Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. I love to learn about the world we live in.

In photography, I am actively involved. I’m creating and making decisions in real time. The results are crafted, artistic expressions – moments that can be framed. I make pictures, I don’t take them.


And me, how do I see?

I’m all about couples with conviction, choosing to marry their own way. Couples who work out what they want and say f**k it to traditions they couldn’t care less about. People who want the real stuff documented – not just the beauty, but also the be-ing. The unexpected moments, the ugly crying, the giddy excitement and the drunken guest cutting loose on the dance floor. I’m into couples that want to be brave and just do what they want.

My skills, my experience, my warmth and my genuine curiosity means you won’t get any of that awkward posed weirdness. Just beautiful, naturally candid, artistic expressions of your day.


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